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Fengqi Qian
Bachelor of Economics
Secretary to the Board

Mr. Fengqi Qian is the Secretary to the Board of Directors at Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (or “Hepalink”) where he is responsible for disclosures, shareholder meetings, and daily operations of the board. He serves as a bridge between the company and its investors, building investors’ understanding of the company’s state of business and help investors to appreciate the company’s true value.

Mr. Qian has over 13 years of experience in the investment and business analysis in the healthcare industry.

Before joining Hepalink, Mr. Qian was Managing Director at Lingfeng Capital and Head of Strategic Investments at WeDoctor Group. While at Lingfeng Capital, Mr. Qian led the firm’s healthcare practice in the identification of and investment in high-potential private companies in China’s healthcare sector, with a focus on pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and medical devices. While at WeDoctor, Mr. Qian and his team completed investments covering both upstream and downstream of the digital health space. Furthermore, he spearheaded the broad collaborations among WeDoctor and its invested portfolio companies to realize synergies and maximize returns.

Prior to that, Mr. Qian worked for 8 years in the investment and research in the secondary market of the healthcare industry. During those years, Mr. Qian served as Healthcare Industry Analyst at Bosera Fund; Senior Analyst of the Healthcare Industry at Goldman Sachs; and Fund Manager at the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, accumulating enormous experience in the research and investment in the secondary market, deep expertise on the healthcare industry, and an extensive network.

Mr. Qian has a Bachelor of Economics degree from Fudan University.